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Mons Essentiels septembre 2012 {PDF} Photos, 6 photographies illustrent l’article Carrières et merveilles sous-marines de Fabrizio Schiavetto publié dans Mons Essentiel septembre 2012. Mons_essentiels_09_2012_x {JPEG}
Hippocampe 225 septembre 2012 - icono jcg {JPEG} Photos, 2 photographies are used as support of the edito and table of content of the Hippocampe n°225, september 2012. magazine of the Lifras. 10.000 copies. Hippocampe 225 septembre 2012 - icono jcg {JPEG}
Projet Doris-Photographie JC Grignard {JPEG} Photos, participation to the project of the Environmental Commission and biology FFESSM - DORIS project, Published photographies.
zanzibar_thomas_cook_260612 jcg {JPEG} Photo - Zanzibar was published in the Thomas Cook belgium in june 2012. Facebook page of Thomas cook Belgium.
Hippocampe n° 224 - Cover {JPEG} Photo One of my picture, Plongée en riviera maya" was published as cover of the Hippocampe 224, June 2012, official magazine of the Lifras.
Hippocampe 223-mars 2012 {JPEG} Photo One of my pictures ilustrates an article of G. Jones on decompression published in the Hippocampe 223, March 2012, official magazine of the Lifras.
PDF - 990.3 kb
Hippocampe 223, mars 2012
Mammifère marin - JCG © 2011 {JPEG} Photo " Dugong dugon - JCG © 2011" Egypte, Quseir & Marsa Alam - Mer Rouge... Mammals, illustrates the April page of the 2012 Lifras calendar. - Supplement of official Journal of LIFRAS 10.000 copies
Tursiops truncatus - jcg © 2010