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The Hidden Face of the Swamps - Available here *

JPEG [Be the first to discover my new book The Hidden Face of the Swamps.

Artistic view of a Biologist on a surrealist and unsuspected underwater universe…

This book is, above all, an occasion to share my pictures. It proves that there are still some totally unexplored areas not far from home, still pristine spaces where nature is unscathed or almost unscathed. It’s a different perspective, an athletic feat, a simple need for photographic adventure… The Hidden Face of the Swamps translates into images the emotion of encounters and my fascination for underwater scenery. The feeling of being privileged, of having the chance to open a new window on this unknown universe, without knowing that what I would find would exceed all my expectations...

Technical description: 180 pages - French/English - Format 21 x 21 cm - Soft cover Retail price: 50,00€ shipping costs not included

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