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Publications, contributions and awards...

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About the author...

JPEG Jean-Christophe GRIGNARD, Belgian, born in Mons, obtained a licence in Biological Sciences in 1992. Fond of photography, he decided to cross the course of amateurism and obtained the photographer diploma in 1999, at the end of a 3 years formation at the Cours des Métiers d’Art du Hainaut.

He went out experimenting various techniques and developing his “eye”. Always searching for the image and for new feelings, he obtained various patents of diving and launched out in the fascinating world of underwater photography in 2000...

Starting with a Nikonos V, he upgraded then to a reflex and its underwater housing (material). Through photography his aim is to share his passion, to preserve and allow others to appreciate the aquatic environment, to depict the richness and the bio-diversity of our lakes, seas and oceans.

His pictures contain a feeling of fascination and liberty. Each cliché is a poignant moment...

Portrait de jcg - G. Wetterene {JPEG}

“But in photography, the photographer isn’t the important one ...” Yann Arthus Bertrand”

Some of his picture were awarded in various national and international contests. His articles and pictures are regularly published in worldwide magazines.

In 2012, he edited “Dour ou les Trésors du Lagon Bleu” first book of this kind in Belgium. His clichés are often exhibited in diverse places and among others underwater.

In 2014, his first collaboration with the team of Le Jardin Extraordinaire was successful so he goes on bringing his contribution for the underwater subjects to this institution of the RTBF. With his exhibition entitled “Art Ocean” he took part in MONS 2015 European Capital of Culture….

In 2016, I re-issued a new version of the book "Dour ou les Trésors du Lagon Bleu". I had the pleasure to be invited to the « Expos Photos Nature » in Namur with other talented photographers such as Laurent Ballesta and Vincent Munier among others.
During the « Septembre Animalier Bruxelles Expo » in 2018, My work attracted attention and my passion for the ocean floor was highlighted in the prestigious art magazine « La Gazette de Drouot ».

In 2019, I was invited to present my underwater photographs in Brussels Expo – Heysel during the PhotoDays and I again exhibited my pictures at the Septembre Animalier Brussels - SAB expo after being present with my pictures at the prestigious Paris Art Design as well as in the Yachting Festival of Canne in the Luxury Gallery.

After a shooting of two years, 2020 will be marked by the release of « Wallonie Sauvage – Biodiversité » the first animal documentary of the kind, co-produced by Into the Wild productions, Art Ocean and Wallimage. I will exhibit my photos again in September at the SAB-2020. I will finish my third photographic book and I will go on collaborating with the magazine Plongez !

The exploration goes on with new challenges and new adventures... {JPEG}
Dour ou les Trésors du Lagon Bleu - JC Grignard {JPEG}

Through his numerous journeys, he pursues his quest of images here and there...

Welcome in a world of light, contrast and transparency...


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